Sunday, October 7, 2012

REASONS why u should start your network marketing business NOW


The world is changing - and faster than it has ever done before.

Up until 250 years ago, almost everybody was 'self employed' and people traded goods and services between themselves to earn an 'INCOME'. The onset of the Industrial Revolution saw the birth of the corporation and the foundations of what we now know today as the 'JOB'.

Ever since then, society has directed people towards earning a living through having a job. We tell our children to "study hard at school to get a good job". The function of the education system has been primarily to prepare our children for jobs. (Or more accurately to 'spit' out an endless supply of tax payers!). Even in today's troubled times you hear about governments searching for ways to create jobs. But they can't hold back the tide for much longer - things are starting to turn full circle, back to where they were 250 years ago.

"THE CORPORATION AS WE KNOW IT IS UNLIKELY TO SURVIVE THE NEXT 25 YEARS" - by Peter Drucker, World Renowned Business Consultant

There is no such thing as JOB SECURITY or a 'JOB FOR LIFE' anymore. And maybe that is not such a bad thing, because having a job doesn't fit into many of our lifestyle aspirations of today.WE JUST HAVE TO BE PREPARED TO ALTER OUR MINDSETS - from that of needing to get a JOB, to that of finding a way to earn an INCOME. This is just one of the reasons why the Network Marketing business model is exploding across the world at the moment.

Many people choose to start up a company or a business by themselves, but the failure rate of small businesses is very high - as much as 80% within 5 years. Franchising is a very popular alternative because it offers all the branding, training and support of an established business. Therefore the failure rate is much lower, but the cost of buying into one of these opportunities is prohibitive for the majority of people. You also have to work very hard to recoup your initial outlay and some people just discover this to be swapping one job for another.

Network Marketing is a low cost, low risk business opportunity that is increasingly offering the same level of training and support systems that are found with Franchise companies. It is also a business that you can start off part-time and increase your involvement once it begins to bring in a significant income.

Many of today's most well-known entrepreneurs have spoken out about how Network Marketing is now recognised as a 'viable and genuine business model'. Richard Branson has his own Network Marketing business as does Warren Buffet, the world's richest man. He stated that it was "the best investment that I ever made".

Some experts predict that Network Marketing is entering the largest stage of growth in the industry's history and that this could last for the next 20 years! Their forecast for this is based on an alignment of the 5 critical factors which saw the Franchise industry boom in the 1980's.

If you are looking to start your own business or just an opportunity to create an extra income, then you should forget any preconceptions that you may have had and take a serious look at the Network Marketing Industry. You have nothing to lose and you may, like Warren Buffet, find it to be 'the best (time) investment you ever made'.

Everybody has the ability, and the right, to be responsible for their own destiny. I Help others realize their dreams......u can always contact me.....

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