Friday, April 13, 2012

Top 10 Facts about Forever Living Products Company


Forever Living Products was founded in 1978 on little more than dreams and hard work. It was designed to help anyone who wanted a better future to attain it on their own.
  • Better health.
  • More wealth.
  • A secure future.

                             Top 10 Facts about Forever Living Products Company
  • 33 year track record of uninterrupted growth around the world

  • 2010 worldwide turnover of almost $2.5 Billion
  • Operating in over 150 countries world-wide
  • Cash rich and debt free with over $1 Billion in assets around the world, predominantly in realestate and the leisure industry - Southfork Ranch, ski lodges, trail lodges, waterway marinas, hotels, etc.
  • FLP is vertically integrated, owning the land, the machinery, the manufacturing and distribution facilities, the research and development, so the distributors are assured of world-class products at realistic prices
  • FLP has featured no less than 4 times in its history in the Fortune 500 - an annual report on the top 500 fastest-growing, privately-owned companies in the US

  • World's largest producer of Aloe Vera products - we grow around 80% of the world's cultivated Aloe Vera plants and we do not sell to other companies. Production is totally organic and the individual mature Aloe leaves are hand-harvested.
  • We were the first company to achieve the International Aloe Science Council seal, and we are also unique in having the Kosher and Islamic seals, which testify to the purity of our processing
  • World's largest producer of products from the Bee Hive - Bee Pollen tablets, Bee Propolis tablets (natural antibiotic), Royal Jelly and superb Honey fortified with Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly. Our hives cover 5,000 acres of the high Southern Sonoran Desert where our bees can feast on an amazing variety of exotic wild flowers, producing a truly great-tasting honey. The hives are in a clean, unpolluted environment, many miles away from any city - and we even use electric vehicles on the site
  • Rex Maughan, the Founder and CEO of Forever Living Products, has made many substantial donations to organisations and individuals involved in projects associated with environmental issues. His caring attitude permeates the whole world-wide FLP community

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