Monday, May 28, 2012


 Taking care of your health has become increasingly important in this day and age of processed food,chemically enhanced crops and a polluted environment.....Are u ready to take control of your health,and not only feel better but look better too.....

Forever offers two weight management packs, first is the Clean 9, designed to detox the body of unwanted chemicals. The program lasts for 9 days and is a great way to loose a few pounds and inches very quickly.After the the Clean 9 the second program is the Nutri-Lean program, (this used to be called Lifestyle 30) and is designed to kick start a healthier lifestyle, help you reach your desired weight and size but also to help maintain this new weight. It includes many of the same things as the clean 9 but with a few added supplements.We recommend starting with the Clean 9, following on with the lifestyle 30 for the best possible results.

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