Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Is Learn And Earn Business?

The one thing that anyone who knows much about network marketing will tell you is that there truly is unlimited earning potential. Some people make a little extra money, and others make a lot. Just like anything worth doing, it all depends on what you put in.

Another thing that people in the know will tell you is that you can start to earn money in network marketing from the very beginning, and that as you learn more and more, you’ll earn more and more. You don’t need to start out with “an education”. You get that as you go.

This concept is in contrast to the idea of going off to college, sometimes for several years and to the tune of thousands upon thousands of dollars. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to college or that a college education isn’t good. What I’m saying is that with network marketing, you’re learning the business at the same time that you’re earning from the business. With college, you learn your field, and then try to break into it with your diploma in hand.

Author and Speaker Jim Rohn said something very wise: “Formal education will earn you a living. Self education will earn you a fortune”. Jim Rohn, as usual, is making complete sense.

A formal education is fine – it will get you a job and you’ll be able to work at that job and make a living, pay your bills, and hopefully get along steadily in your life.But self education can be even more valuable because it’s the kind of education that comes from experience – from being in the thick of things – in the trenches, so to speak. Self education is the kind that forces you to learn by doing, and that kind of education is what sticks with you and molds you into a stronger business person, a stronger leader and a strong example for others.

With network marketing, as you’re learning the business, you’re earning. This is excellent because you can see right from the start that you’re doing something worthwhile and making progress, on top of the extra money! You learn more about perfecting your methods and yourself, and you’ll learn business skills and marketing skills. The money is nice, the skills are worth far more…

With Network Marketing there is also no limit to the amount you can earn. Really, your potential is limitless.  There are no salary caps in network marketing. You don’t have to slug away for years, getting deeper and deeper in debt, before you see the fruits of your labor.
You can start learning the ropes from day one, and you can start earning an income from day one. That’s the beauty of Network Marketing.

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