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Shortcuts To Acquire Wealth

Shortcuts To Acquire Wealth
Inherit wealth – Growing up I often heard my mom say, ” I wish a rich uncle would come along and get me out of the poor house.” Everyone would love to acquire wealth this way. No WORK and NO SWEAT.  Sadly, most of us weren’t born into a wealthy family and getting adopted into one isn’t easy.

Marry someone with money. If you are not married now, you maybe lucky enough to acquire wealth by finding a rich mate. But often times, wealthy people marry other wealthy people. Maybe you will be lucky enough to become the nanny of a wealthy family, break up your bosses marriage, have him fall madly in love with you and marry you. Sounds like a fairy tale but it has worked for a few ladies.

Hit it “big” in the stock market – There are two problems with using this method to acquire wealth. First, you already have to be rich to buy lots of stock. Secondly, since 2008 stock market prices have plunged  because of risky and deceptive practices of insiders and large corporations. I know many hard working people who have lost their entire life savings because of the stock market.

Win the lotteryI have never tried this method to acquire wealth and never will!  For those of you who plan to buy a lottery ticket today, don’t even bother watching the news tonight to see if your number will be called. Here is the hard truth – You are about 100 times more likely to be struck by lightening 100 times before winning the lottery.

Since these four shortcuts won’t work for most of us, the question becomes how can the average person acquire wealth?

1.You can work a job. Many people live with the misguided notion that they can acquire wealth by having a job. My mom worked two jobs for many years and never seemed to get ahead. So I developed the attitude at a young age, that a job could not help me acquire wealth because I would never earn enough. How many wealthy job holders do you know?
Don’t get me wrong, jobs are good because they pay bills and help provide basic necessities such as clothes and food. But the problem with a job is that you have to go to work to get paid. You cannot acquire wealth by trading time for dollars. Wealth is not just about money! It is also about time freedom and being able to lead the style of life you desire.

2. You can have your money work for you. I’ve seen many hard working people acquire wealth this way. Having your money work for you was the method our grandparents used to acquire wealth. They worked hard, saved 10 percent of their income and invested it in their pension plan. The reality is now that with the raising cost of gas and food most people have little if anything left to save. Furthermore, pension plans are not as lucrative as they once were. So most of us will not be able to acquire wealth this way.

3. Leverage you time and income through other people. This is the method that myself and most people nowadays are using to acquire wealth.  Wealth is not just about having money!  As I stated earlier in this post,  ”it is also about time freedom and being able to lead the style of life you desire.  ” People who understand this, are leveraging their time and income through other people to acquire wealth.Network Marketing  also known as direct sales is the perfect vehicle for the average person to acquire wealth.

Every Time you recommend a Movie, CD, Clothes, brand to someone you are doing Network Marketing , so why not get paid for it?

To learn how Network Marketing can help you acquire wealth contact Eliza.


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